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Meta Cucinotta

Hi! I am so excited to be part of the WAD board! I come from deaf family. I was born and raised on a dairy farm. I am the second family member to be the WAD president.  I am looking forward to working with the WAD board and the community.

Lisa Demmon

Hello!  I am your Vice President and I am excited to serve WAD in this capacity.  I am a long time activist, starting out being part of the Empire State Association of the Deaf (NY), and has continued to be involved and serve on various boards serving the deaf community.  My areas of expertise is board governance including focus on the by-laws and organization operations. 

Interesting fact about me:  I have a deaf sister and a deaf niece who is currently a student at Gallaudet University.  

Kimberly Niebler

Hello! I have been involved with WAD since 2015 and now, first time as the secretary. I am passionate about our community and my goal as the board member is to improve the quality of life of the deaf/deafblind individuals in the state of Wisconsin. In the last few years, I learned more about self-advocacy and empowerment, and as the board member today, I am excited to advocate for each one of you. Fun facts about me: I write with my left hand but sign/fingerspell with my right, I love to eat Mexican food and pasta, I enjoy going to fairs/festivals, and I am afraid of insects and heights. 

Janet Kunz

Hi! My parents were deaf and I have been actively involved with the deaf community for many years. I am looking forward to being WAD membership secretary and bring WAD to the top! 

Hello, I am back as your WAD Board Treasurer since March of 2022.  I am a longtime advocate for our Deaf community.  I am currently working at Independence First as Wisconsin Statewide Project Coordinator SUD/MH Services for people who are Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing.  I am on the American Deafness Rehabilitation Association (ADARA) at their treasurer.  I am looking forward to continue to work with you and the community.

Interesting fact about me: I was introduce to a new sport last summer that I have become addicted to “Pickleball”.  I play an average of 2 to 3 times per week.  We all to remember to take the time for yourself and take of our well-being!

Denise Johnson

Members at Large

Ron Byington

As a long time WAD member, I served WAD in many capacities, now currently as a member at large. I am involved with the Milwaukee County Division on Aging as a commissioner. I work with Water Tower View apts to promote the healthy living style for senior citizens.

I grew up on the east coast, moved to the Midwest in 1988 and lived in Wisconsin since 2002. I have served the WAD board as the member at large and as the vice president. Now I am back as the member at large for this term. I have the energy and the passionate to continue serve on the WAD board. I look forward to work with you, and the community statewide.

Jeffrey Cucinotta

I have been WAD member since 1992 when I moved to Madison to work at Wisconsin Telecommunications Relay Services.(WTRS)  I served on various WAD committees such as Deaf Education, Deaf Commission, Bylaws, Nominations, RID Liaison, Deaf Stage at Summer Fest, and conference plannings in different capacities.  I also served on the board as President-Elect and President.  I advocate and value the better quality life of deaf community in Wisconsin.  I look forward to work with the board as MAL to support you as much as possible.  


I reside in Brookfield with a family of my own and I work full time at the Pearson from home as the Senior Deaf Project Manager.  I enjoy playing pickleball and I like brats and beer. 


Go Forward!

Dan Houlihan

Joel Mankowski

As a WAD former president, I bring my expertise to support this current board.

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